• New Orleans is a regional powerhouse for Advanced Manufacturing


    Focused on military and defense, transportation, and aerospace, advanced manufacturing has long been one of New Orleans’ major economic engines. This cluster includes aerospace manufacturing, ship and boat building, chemical manufacturing, mineral production, plastics manufacturing and other manufacturing operations.

    In 2011, manufacturing’s average wage in New Orleans was $55,200 – higher than the overall average wage of $49,999. The compensation levels and quality jobs available in this cluster represent an attractive opportunity for the local workforce.

    This industry segment also boasts one of the region’s most important infrastructure assets: the state-of-the-art Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF), one of the world’s largest indoor manufacturing facilities. Post-WWII the facility was transformed from a wartime equipment manufacturer to a NASA production facility. Today, NASA has been converting MAF from a single-tenant to a multi-tenant facility to attract a more diversified base of companies. The MAF is a unique, national asset, and with Jacobs Technology managing the site, the facility’s multi-tenant structure, which is similar to Marshall Space Flight Center’s business park, is well on its way to housing the most advanced manufacturing companies in Louisiana, including:


    • NASA
    • Boeing
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Textron Marine & Land Systems
    • Dynamic Industries
    • Blade Dynamics