Economic Development is the work of creating opportunity for the residents and businesses of a community.

Here in New Orleans, that work is done by a collective of agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and governmental offices, who work on behalf of the people of New Orleans to ensure that the future is forever brighter than the past.

The New Orleans Business Alliance is the accredited economic development organization fighting on behalf of the people of Orleans Parish. As a public-private partnership, we work hand-in-hand with Mayor Cantrell and the city of New Orleans to expand access and opportunity for our fellow New Orleanians.


Job Growth


New jobs added in Orleans Parish in last 10 years


Total new jobs added in Orleans Parish last year


Of total 805 new jobs added in Orleans Parish last year through efforts of NOLABA

85% pay earning at or above $50K annually

Ecomonic Growth


Increase in Gross Regional Product in Orleans Parish in last 10 years

Labor Force


Number of people added to local workforce in last 10 years

Increase of 7.9%
↓ 3% Decrease in citywide unemployment rates in last 10 years

Economic Development supports Small Businesses

Greg Tillery

Owner of WeDat’s Chicken and Shrimp
  • Economic Development is:

    Local products on shelves
  • New Orleans Business Alliance gave me platform to be able to speak and tell my story and pitch to other people what our city really has to offer."

Krista Pouncy-Dyson

Founder & Owner of Performance First Digital, InvestNOLA Graduate
  • Economic Development is:

    Support for minority business owners
  • When someone hires my firm, I intentionally hire local people and utilize local resources to make sure ALL businesses in our community win.”

Otis Tucker

Founder of T.I. Contracting, InvestNOLA Graduate
  • Economic Development is:

    Small business opportunities that give people opportunity
  • Being from this city for four generations, it means so much to be able to put people from our community to work and giving them an opportunity to take care of their families.”

Jon Renthrope

Founder & CEO of Cajun Fire Brewing
  • Economic Development is:

    The South’s first Black-owned brewing company

  • As an entrepreneur, my homegrown firm Cajun Fire Brewing Company is consistently invested in the well-being and vitality of a vulnerable commercial corridor it calls home, and NOLABA's accountable leadership has supported our organization from inception. Efforts which include hosting symposiums and fostering opportunities to build cohesive collaboration and hosting community-building programs are all efforts that have been very beneficial to the strategic growth and decision-making bandwidth of my company in an ever-changing economic landscape. "

Economic Development Creates Jobs

Mayra Pineda

President & CEO at Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Economic Development is:

    A bridge to equity and inclusion
  • For the families of New Orleans, it means a thriving community that will help them create wealth.”

Dr. Trivia Frazier

President & CEO at Obatala Sciences
  • Economic Development is:

    Opportunities for career advancement

  • With the support of the New Orleans Business Alliance, Obatala Sciences doubled - not only our team of both scientific researchers and professionals - but our capacity.”

JP Hymel

President of Gallo Mechanical
  • Economic Development is:

    Investing in our people

  • Over the last several years Gallo Mechanical has partnered with the New Orleans Business Alliance and together we have created a communication-based leadership training program for our employers. In this hyper-competitive business climate, we realize that the communication skills of our employees directly correlates to their engagement, performance, and ability to thrive. The New Orleans Business Alliance has invested in our city, and has created opportunities for corporate engagement that impact sustainable jobs but also supports systemic change in our community in positive and meaningful ways."

Matt Findley

President of inXile Entertainment
  • Economic Development is:

    the expansion of new and emerging industries

  • Quite simply, our success in this city can be measured in the relationships that NOLABA and the entire economic development community has helped us create.”

Economic Development brings our people home and keeps them here

Michael Hecht

President & CEO at GNO, Inc.
  • Economic Development is:

    Regional success and collaboration

  • If we do things right in economic development, our kids and our grandkids can choose to stay here through good jobs, excellent quality of life and a place to raise their own families.”


Economic Development invests in neighborhoods

Kelsey Foster

Executive Director at Algiers Economic Development Foundation (AEDF)
  • Economic Development is:

     Strong community partnerships

  • We need to have access to opportunities not just in our urban areas, but our suburban and rural areas”

Quentin Messer, Jr.

President & CEO at NOLABA
  • Economic Development is:

    New opportunities in underserved areas

  • When economic development is at its best, it gives belief in the possibility that they can achieve their wildest dreams.”

Stephanie Chambliss

Owner of PJ’s Coffee on Read Boulevard
  • Economic Development is:

    Bringing commerce back to the East

  • The Business Alliance has been one of the biggest supporters of our growth, providing resources such as neighborhood and industry data and offering short-term capital to help us sustain during the citywide COVID-19 shutdown.”

Economic Development creates pathways for culture-bearers

Robin Barnes

Local musician
  • Economic Development is:

     Relief for our music community 


  • That is the spirit of New Orleans; always helping and supporting each other. Any type of financial relief we get we put right back into our city.”

Nesby Phipps

Local artist/producer and business owner
  • Economic Development is:

    Growth from the ground-up

  • People come here for the talent; they come here for the sauce. And you have to take care of the ground from which the sauce grows from.”

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