New Orleans Business Alliance

Healthcare Consumer Engagement Challenge


Lafayette General Health


How is your company solving the patient focused consumerization shift in healthcare?

Full Challenge Statement:

The healthcare landscape has experienced disruptive seismic shifts. This includes nontraditional entrants such as Amazon, Walmart, Google, and Apple as well as healthcare retail brands such as CVS who have merged with payers like Aetna. Healthcare organizations will face tougher competition in attracting and retaining patients who demand an experience that matches the level of customer service they expect from other consumer brands. Patients demand a streamlined experience so they can “self-service” to resolve most questions, issues, or concerns (e.g., downloading an immunization record, booking an appointment, paying their bills, or checking their account/insurance status) whenever, wherever, and however is most convenient for them. For traditional healthcare organizations offering a variety of services in different locations, it’s also important for every consumer to have access to the most up-to-date information from one centralized location. To create an outstanding and streamlined user experience, what is your company uniquely doing to create an experience that engages the patient in a consumer-focused way? Please note that we are NOT interested in telemedicine solutions as this space is mature.

Prize Package:

Access to investments from Healthcare Innovation Fund II. The winning team may also be eligible to receive in-kind prizes, such as free co-working space, a spot within a startup accelerator program, startup business services, and more items, subject to availability.

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