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Transition of Care Challenge


Tulane Health System


We are seeking solutions to help patients manage and coordinate transitions of care among facilities and providers to help improve clinical outcomes of significant health events.

Full Challenge Statement:

Any significant healthcare experience likely requires a patient to access care from multiple healthcare entities and providers, many of whom are on disparate electronic medical records systems. For example, an elderly woman who suffers a stroke might transition from home to an acute care facility, from there to a rehabilitation facility, and from there to an assisted living facility. There would likely also be other healthcare entities involved, such as pharmacies, home health agencies and the like.

In our healthcare system, no one manages these transitions of care as a whole – patients rely on handoffs from each facility to the next. This system creates an environment in which some information could be “lost in translation,” resulting in substandard care, readmissions or patient harm.

As a premier academic medical center, Tulane Health System’s mission is to provide world-class patient care, education and research. Innovation is inherent in our mission. We are seeking solutions to help patients manage and coordinate transitions of care. Specifically:

  • What innovations can help manage transitions of care and ensure information is effectively coordinated among all entities and providers?
  • Given this would touch multiple entities and providers, what innovative payment or reimbursement model would help make this affordable and desirable for patients and/or payors.

We look forward to working with the creative thinkers to develop fresh solutions to ensure a healthy future for patients.

Prize Package:

The winner of the Tulane Health System Transition of Care Challenge will be given the opportunity to present their innovation to leaders from HCA Healthcare, the largest private healthcare company in the United States, to discuss potential partnership opportunities. The winning team may also be eligible to receive in-kind prizes, such as free co-working space, a spot within a startup accelerator program, startup business services, and more items, subject to availability.


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