New Orleans Art & Culture

Competitive business opportunities coexist with world-class cultural offerings. Where else but New Orleans?

New Orleans is a community that understands and values business, which explains why it boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. But it’s also home to an iconic culture that pervades every aspect of living and working here.

Living in New Orleans is lively and diverse with hundreds of theatre, art and music events, sports, festivals and recreational activities to attend each year.

Learn more about the countless offerings that form the brilliant tapestry of life in New Orleans.


With an array of musical styles and unique venues, live performances take over the city on a nightly basis. New Orleans is THE city for entertainment after the work day. Just a taste of your musical options:


New Orleans’ arts scene is thriving, and the city is home to numerous institutions celebrating arts and culture.
Just a few examples include:


Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, ESSENCE Fest and French Quarter Fest highlight New Orleans’ packed festival schedule. In a city where several festivals a week are the norm, New Orleans will keep you celebrating year-round. The following are among the most popular:


Most communities eat to live. In New Orleans, we live to eat. The Crescent City is world-renowned for its cuisine. Celebrated local chefs, a vast array of top restaurants, fresh local ingredients and food-centric festivals make New Orleans a culinary paradise for visitors and locals alike.

So much more…

For more information about New Orleans activities and events, visit the Convention Visitor’s Bureau and New Orleans Online.