09 Jan Request for Proposals: Seeking short-term consulting and facilitation services

The New Orleans Business Alliance is hiring a consultant to assist the New Orleans Workforce Development Board with assessment of year 1 implementation of the Board’s strategic plan for workforce system transformation in New Orleans. The New Orleans Workforce Development Board (WDB) is committed to building a strong and collaborative workforce development system that meets the needs of New Orleans’ businesses and job seekers through regional priorities which include:

  • To provide relevant and value-added services to businesses and jobseekers, with particular attention to meeting the needs of New Orleans’ most at-risk individuals and families, including those who face challenges caused by racial and socio-economic disparities, who have limited work experience, and/or who are returning citizens.
  • To prepare the workforce to meet the current and future needs of businesses through training that is responsive to the needs of industry.
  • To serve as a center for workforce innovation through capitalizing on models developed by local partners, learning from our peers around the country and collaboratively crafting high quality initiatives.
  • To promote effective regional alignment, collaboration, and partnerships in conjunction with a broad array of businesses, public sector institutions, nonprofit organizations, education institutions and other stakeholders.

Please see the pdf below for complete details of the RFP.

thumbnail of RFP NOWDB Assessment Consulatant 1.3.18 v2