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We’re focusing on six key Industry Clusters

Primed for expansion in these key clusters, New Orleans community and industry leaders are dedicated to advancing the growth of these industries as the city enhances its standing as a corporate and entrepreneurial hub with a strong business climate.

A cluster-based approach is derived from national best-practice research in economic development strategies. Heightened focus on targeted clusters requires more continuous innovation and thus increases a region’s sustainable competitive advantage.

Implementing a cluster-based approach is a tool for engaging industries in collective problem solving, and builds the framework to address the common needs of existing businesses within the cluster. ProsperityNOLA’s focus on industry clusters aims to make New Orleans a more attractive place for new businesses in these industries to thrive, while retaining and growing existing firms.


Advanced Manufacturing

This cluster includes aerospace manufacturing, ship and boat building, chemical manufacturing, mineral production, plastics manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing capabilities.


BioInnovation & Health Services

Including traditional health service delivery (hospitals, doctors’ offices, etc.) as well as health manufacturing, wholesale, supply, research and development, devices and pharmaceuticals New Orleans has a strong presence in BioInnovation.


Creative Digital Media

The Creative Digital Media cluster captures the written, spoken, musical, theatrical, visual, design, entertainment and technological talent and creativity in digital formats, creating products that are in-demand and marketable in today’s global economy.

Sustainable Industries

Encompassing companies that can profitably manage and solve environmental issues and challenges, Sustainable Industries include companies that handle water, waste, building efficiency and remodeling, and environmental administration.


Transportation, Trade & Logistics

Transportation, Trade and Logistics is a foundational cluster in New Orleans that includes multimodal transportation (rail, air, truck, barge and ship), warehousing, storage, third-party logistics handlers, facilities, railroads, port and harbor operations, ground and air freight, wholesalers, and airports.



Retail attraction is an organizational priority for the Business Alliance. Compared to the first eight months of 2011, the year NOLABA was founded, sales tax revenue in the first eight months of 2014 has increased by 23.9 percent or $21.2 million.