The New Orleans Business Alliance exists to facilitate retail growth in New Orleans by assisting retailers and developers as they move forward with new projects. We will help you identify locations, provide demographics, navigate the City planning and permitting processes and then proudly stand with you as you “cut the ribbon” on your new project.

New Orleans retail is rebounding at an unprecedented rate after suffering from a lack of significant development since the 1980s. Following national trends, developers and retailers chose to relocate to the surrounding suburban parishes, leaving the city with up to 30 percent fewer national retailers than cities of comparable size.
In the mid-2000s, the remaining retailers were hit with the one-two punch of Katrina’s floodwaters followed by a national recession. These events left many retailers unable to meet their sales goals and they too left the market. As a result, New Orleans has not been on the expansion list for most national and regional retailers for years.

In 2011, the retail landscape within the city limits began to change. At the inception of the New Orleans Business Alliance, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and a coalition of business leaders charged the
organization with bringing new retail investment to the city, a rarity for an economic development organization. Since that time, NOLABA, in conjunction with city government and the real estate community, has facilitated substantial wins in every area of New Orleans. Historic neighborhood shopping districts have been reborn. Grocery stores have opened across the city, particularly in areas recognized as food deserts. And entrepreneurs of all varieties – from young fashion designers to
those creating sustainable home products – have taken root and prospered. Restaurants created by internationally acclaimed chefs have opened down the street and around the corner from trendy
new concepts created by aspiring millennials. These have joined the perennial New Orleans favorites and all are flourishing.