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Small Business Spotlight: Omega Concierge provides services to Healthcare and Business Community

Since 2009, Omega Concierge has provided concierge and patient care services to hospitals and businesses throughout Southeast Louisiana.

For hospital clients, they provide non-medical care services that allow the nursing team to focus on medical care while giving the patient a positive hospital experience. They also offer employee concierge services—errand-running, scheduling, and many more—to businesses in any industry, including their hospital clients.

Founder & CEO of Omega Concierge, Ben Zapata took a few minutes to tell us more about his business, its growth, and future plans.

Omega Concierge CEO Ben Zapata.

NOLABA: Tell me about your experience tapping into the New Orleans talent pool to hire at Omega Concierge.

Our experience with the local talent pool has been overwhelmingly positive. People in New Orleans understand hospitality and the culture of service that we strive for at Omega. Hospitality is built into the fabric of our community. Furthermore, we hire people who share our core values—excellence, ethics, and education. When these values are combined with New Orleans hospitality, we are set up for success.

NOLABA: Give us some specifics about the Omega Concierge growth in the recent months/years? How big are you? How many jobs do you anticipate creating/hiring in the near future (define as best you can)?

In 2009, I was Omega’s only employee, and at that time I was focused on personal concierge services. I met my first hospital client at a St. Tammany Chamber event in 2011. In 2013, I made a conscious effort to get more involved with the local business community. This has been truly impactful on Omega’s growth.

We have 50 employees now–four times what we had in 2013.

Looking towards the future, we see the opportunity to work in industries that are new to us, including tech, law firms and other professional services, and education.

NOLABA: Wow! That’s incredible growth. Like any small business we’re sure you’ve had some obstacles to overcome. What were your initial challenges to success and growth?

As any entrepreneur knows, there are plenty of early challenges. The concept of concierge services for hospitals and businesses—while the model existed across the country—was previously unknown in New Orleans. I had to explain a new concept to people and show them its value at the same time.

NOLABA: You’re a company that has taken advantage of New Orleans’ small business/entrepreneurial ecosystem. Can you tell us how you have you utilized these small business resources to help Omega Concierge grow?

The 2013 decision to take advantage of small business resources was a game-changer for Omega. We went through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, which I cannot say enough positive things about. Through the program and its partners, including the Hope Credit Union, we have seen real growth. Getting involved with the New Orleans, St. Tammany and Jefferson Chambers have helped us make new connections as well.

NOLABA: What has been the number one key to Omega Concierge’s success so far?

Our culture is the number one key to Omega’s success. Our staff provides service that is consistent and timely. I believe this consistency can be attributed to the culture we have built. We’ve been able to hire people that buy into our core values.

NOLABA: What is your pitch to a prospective customer to get them to use Omega Concierge?

It varies by the customer, but when pitching our employee concierge services, I say:

“Our services make for a happier, more productive workplace. Employee concierge services allow your people to focus on work. Looking at our services as an employee benefit, you can attract and retain talent and show your employees that you care about them.”

NOLABA: Looking ahead, what do you see for Omega Concierge in the future?

It is our constant goal to provide excellent service to each of our existing clients, and this is fueled by us continuing to find the right people.

Moving forward, we want to continue our growth with new hospital clients and new business clients across industries.  We would like to expand throughout Louisiana and into other states, particularly with new hospital clients.

Finally, it is a personal and professional goal to improve myself every day. If I—and the members of the Omega team—can do this, I am confident that the rest will fall into place.


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