Transportation, Trade & Logistics in New Orleans

Transportation, Trade & Logistics in New Orleans include multimodal transportation (rail, air, truck, barge, and ship), warehousing, storage, third-party logistics handlers, facilities, railroads, port and harbor operations, ground and air freight, wholesalers, and airports.

The jobs in this cluster offer an average wage of $51,600 – slightly above the city’s overall average. However, many positions in these fields require minimal training and pay more than jobs in other high-employment clusters
The Port of New Orleans and its associated infrastructure, including six Class 1 railroads, make this cluster one of the most prominent in New Orleans. With competition growing, especially from peer cities along the Gulf Coast, the transportation and trade community is keenly focused on enhancing New Orleans’ competitive position.

Many opportunities remain for New Orleans to bolster its ports and related operations. Recent studies reveal potential gains can be achieved by focusing on value-added manufacturing. Stakeholders also are exploring specific trade lanes and associated commodities to improve regional trade strategy, as well as seeking greater coordination to better promote the city’s foreign trade zone (FTZ) – an invaluable asset in corporate recruitment.

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Transportation, Trade & Logistics Overview
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