#WHYNOLA Stories

At the New Orleans Business Alliance, we believe New Orleans offers the ideal intersection of commerce and culture – a place where it’s possible to build a business from the ground up, take a company to the next level of growth or pursue your professional goals while leading a full and interesting life.

But, the proof is in the stories of those who do it every day.  Members of our business community share their WhyNOLA stories of opportunity and success.


Greg Feirn

Greg Feirn, CEO, LCMC Health Greg Feirn excitedly moved to New Orleans for a new job at Children’s Hospital nearly 20 years ago. Since then, his network of friends and family has grown into a rich, interwoven web. The city’s close-knit community is part of what keeps him here. Another part is the professional opportunity.
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Coleman RidleyColeman Ridley, Managing Director, Business Council of New Orleans & the River Region: Coleman Ridley ended up in New Orleans almost on a whim, drawn by a unique program at Tulane Law School. That was 21 years ago. Today, after several years of practicing law, he heads a group of business leaders working to ensure clear, predictable laws that foster honest, efficient, transparent and accountable government.
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David Kerstein: In New Orleans, “It’s About Building Relationships”

David Kerstein

David Kerstein, President, Helis Oil & Gas Co., LLC Chairman, Business Council of Greater New Orleans & the River Region: The relationship between the more established business community and the younger generation is emerging. I myself am making a very real effort to reach out to a younger community to make them feel more fully integrated into the community, so that as their businesses grow, they have a larger stake here.
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New Orleans is Vibrant, Says Attorney Lesli Harris

thumbnail_Lesli Harris Lesli Harris, Attorney, Stone Pigman Law Firm: Lesli Harris’ life was checkered with visits to New Orleans before she arrived at Tulane Law School in 1999. Since then, she’s moved away again and returned, this time for keeps. She is now co-lead of the emerging companies practice group at Stone Pigman and has found a new vibrancy in the city’s business community.
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