Thanks for your interest in the #WhyNOLA campaign. We are excited to showcase the thing that makes New orleans so unique; the wonderful people of this city. Below you will find sample content and ways you can directly support the campaign.

Easy Involvement:

  • Connect to the New Orleans Business Alliance via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM or LINKEDIN
  • Share our videos with your colleagues, customers and friends via social media using #WhyNOLA.
  • Email us to let us know you like the campaign. We’ll keep you posted on new content.

Step It Up

  • Use WhyNOLA hashtags – #WhyNOLA, #NOLA4biz, #NOLAtech, #NOLAbio, #NOLAretail, #NOLAbiz #WhyNOLAProspers
  • Share WhyNOLA content via your email marketing, social media, websites, etc. – we’ll provide it by email or social media a couple of times a month. Email us to get on the list.

All In

  • Create your own video to answer one of these questions and post to social media with hashtag #WhyNOLA
    • Why is New Orleans a great place for your business/occupation?
    • What do you love about building a career or working in New Orleans?
    • What do you love about the way people do business in New Orleans?
    • What kind of progress in New Orleans excites you?

WhyNOLA Launch Presentation

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Brandy Christian


WhyNOLA – we work to live, not live to work.

WhyNOLA – excel at work, and at life

WhyNOLA – the daily groove, not the daily grind.

WhyNOLA – work-life balance is for real

WhyNOLA – new market, new opportunities

WhyNOLA – come for the commerce, stay for the quality of life

#WhyNOLA Stickers

WhyNOLA: Creativity

WhyNOLA: Opportunity

WhyNOLA: Entrepreneurship

WhyNOLA: Community

WhyNOLA: Talent

WhyNOLA: Culture

WhyNOLA: Balance

WhyNOLA: Possibilities

WhyNOLA: Iconoclastic

WhyNOLA: Native creative culture

WhyNOLA: Ingrained entrepreneurial spirit

WhyNOLA: Magnet for talent

WhyNOLA: Welcoming Community

WhyNOLA: Work. LIVE. Sleep. Repeat