Small Business Program

Small Business Program

Small businesses are the driving force of the New Orleans economy and provide necessary resources for local residents. NOLABA is committed to efforts that aid our small business owners in growing and expanding their ventures through our Small Business Ecosystem Development work stream. We especially focus on minority- and women-owned small enterprises.

NOLABA engages anchor institutions along with larger corporate entities and public agencies to create quality job prospects for our small business owners. NOLABA partners with the Network for Economic Opportunity to engage the leadership in these industries to strengthen procurement and purchasing opportunities for area small businesses.

Additionally, NOLABA assists emerging business owners with accessing the appropriate local resources that can facilitate capacity-building and growth in their ventures. NOLABA’s small business professionals provide assistance to neighborhood business organizations and stakeholders of commercial corridors and other distressed areas of the city that are working to bring business and commerce back to the city’s high-impact communities.

Contact our small business professionals at for assistance with growing your business.


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