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New Orleans charms visitors and locals alike with its music, diverse cuisine and a stubborn refusal to abandon its cultural traditions. But what is truly wonderful about the Big Easy lies at its heart, the residents of New Orleans are infused with a resilient and welcoming spirit that celebrates eccentricity, draws out the timid and steadfastly resists outside influences that seek to homogenize them.

At the same time, it’s a small city with big city amenities. It’s walkable and bikeable, but it’s one of the few American cities with both an NFL and NBA team. Who Dat! Geaux Pelicans.

In short, New Orleans is home to the kind of unique culture that people worldwide seek out. The city is a focal point for the influx of millennials, America’s largest workforce. New Orleans also is home to the kind of forward thinking, inclusive environment corporations recognize and seek more and more.

New Orleans Climate

Despite a reputation for heat (in food and weather), New Orleans enjoys an incredible mild climate, perfect for business success.

Spring is a delightful season with its warm days and cool evenings. Not surprisingly, many of New Orleans’ acclaimed cultural events and festivals occur during this time of year.

Summer months in New Orleans are marked by temperatures averaging in the 90s with a typical summer evening rainfall acting as the respite from the heat.

The fall season is distinctly drier and cooler – ideal for outdoor activities, festivals and the beginning of football season.

Winters in New Orleans are cool, but mild with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing.

Living in New Orleans Neighborhoods

Diverse neighborhoods offer a place for everyone and every business.

New Orleans is a city of eclectic neighborhoods with distinct histories, architectural styles and cultural flair. Explore the complete listing of New Orleans neighborhoods and their demographic profiles.
Healthcare in New Orleans
Excellent healthcare is essential to a high quality of life. With numerous full service hospitals, specialty clinics and community services staffed by elite medical professionals, residents and visitors access the finest care for their healthcare needs.
Education in New Orleans

K-12 Education

New Orleans is the U.S. leader in K-12 education reform. In 2006, New Orleans embarked on a radical overhaul of the city’s K-12 educational system, led by charter magnet organizations. Today, New Orleans is recognized as a thought leader in the school reform movement and has experienced a dramatic turnaround:


of all public school students
attend a Charter School


school district
on the Brookings Choice and Competition Index, providing parents the greatest school choice in the nation

Top 5

most improved
both, reading and math, according to Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes

School performance in New Orleans, measured by District Performance Score, increased by 18.5 percent from 2005 to 2010, more than doubling the improvement reported statewide. Critical educational enhancements have been implemented in New Orleans high schools in recent years, and in 2011, 94 percent of seniors graduated – a 4 percentage point increase from 2010 and a 15 percentage point improvement from 2005.

Higher Education

There are 10 colleges and universities in Orleans Parish, several of which are nationally recognized for their graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition to outstanding business and academic curricula, some schools offer special training programs tailor-made for fast-growing industries such as shipping and advanced manufacturing. Enamored with the city’s vitality and all of its offerings, graduates from these higher education institutions routinely decide to remain and begin their promising career journeys in New Orleans.

For an overview of the city’s high education institutions, visit our Higher Education page for more details.
Millennials are discovering that they can make it big in the Big Easy. More and more talented young professionals searching to find a wonderful life experience, affordable cost of living, opportunities, culture and fun are flocking to the city. As New Orleans continues to diversify and progress, it’s no surprise that this demographic is choosing to relocate here at such high rates.
  • Uproxx names New Orleans Named #5 U.S. City for Millennials in 2017
  • TIME ranks New Orleans Ranks #5 in the USA for In-migration of Millennials
  • Emsi names Greater New Orleans #10 in the USA for percent of jobs held by millennials
  • LA #5 in USA for New Millennials by
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce names NOLA #2 in Percentage of Millenials living within three miles of downtown
  • Indeed names New Orleans #9 for Best Work/Life Balance
  • Lending Tree names New Orleans #3 City for Youngest Entrepreneurs
New Orleans Art & Culture

Competitive business opportunities coexist with world-class cultural offerings. Where else but New Orleans?

Living in New Orleans is lively and diverse with hundreds of theatre, art, music and sports events, along with festivals and recreational activities. Learn more about the countless offerings that form the brilliant tapestry of life in New Orleans below.


America’s Best City for Arts
according to Culture & Entertainment/Resonance Report


Music is the beating heart of New Orleans culture, not only during large festivals and events throughout the year. With unique musical styles and venues, live performances take over the city on a nightly basis. A walkable and bikeable city, getting premiere nightlife destinations is easy.

Nationally renowned music hot spots include the world-famous House of Blues, Preservation Hall, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and Tipitina’s to name a few. For more information on the city’s unparalleled music scene, click here.


Top Music City in the USA
according to National Geographic Traveller UK

Best Fests

Vents Magazine ranked Jazz Fest and Essence Fest as two of the ten “Best Music Festivals Around the Globe,” making New Orleans the only city in the world with two festivals on the list.


Grammy-winning artists living in New Orleans


New Orleans is a magnet for artists and performers, with limitless inspiration around each and every corner. From world-class theatre productions, museums and exhibitions to outdoor sculptures, murals and street performers, art is ingrained into every facet of daily life. The city is home to numerous institutions celebrating the city’s arts and culture, including the Contemporary Arts Center, Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and more. For more information on New Orleans’ art culture, click here.


No one does festivals like New Orleans. With over 130 festivals in the city each year, including Mardi Gras, Jazz Festival, ESSENCE, French Quarter Festival, Satchmo Summer Festival, VooDoo Music Experience, Fried Chicken Festival and more, there’s truly a celebration for everything and everyone. For more information on upcoming festivals and festivities, click here.


Whereas other cities eat to live, here in New Orleans, we live to eat. The city’s cuisine is as diverse as it is internationally loved. It represents a melting pot of Cajun, Creole, Caribbean, Southern, French, African, and Spanish traditions. With over 1,400 plus restaurants, a plethora of food-centric festivals, and widely-celebrated local chefs such as Emeril Lagasse, Nina Compton, and Donald Link, New Orleans is a culinary paradise like no other. For more information on where to find the best restaurants and food the city has to offer, click here.


in the "The South's Best Food Cities 2019"
according to Southern Living


experience in the USA
New Orleans School of Cooking's classes, as ranked on the first-ever TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards


experience in the World
New Orleans School of Cooking's classes, as ranked on the first-ever TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards


Best Foodie Vacation in the USA
according to TripAdvisor


10 Best Food City & Food Tour in the World
according to TripAdvisor

One of 30

Most Exciting Food Cities in America
according to Zagat

So much more...

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