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New Orleans charms visitors and locals alike with its music, diverse cuisine and a stubborn refusal to abandon its cultural traditions. But what is truly wonderful about the Big Easy lies at its heart, the residents of New Orleans are infused with a resilient and welcoming spirit that celebrates eccentricity, draws out the timid and steadfastly resists outside influences that seek to homogenize them.

At the same time, it’s a small city with big city amenities. It’s walkable and bikeable, but it’s one of the few American cities with both an NFL and NBA team. Who Dat! Geaux Pelicans.

In short, New Orleans is home to the kind of unique culture that people worldwide seek out. The city is a focal point for the influx of millennials, America’s largest workforce. New Orleans also is home to the kind of forward thinking, inclusive environment corporations recognize and seek more and more.

New Orleans Climate

Despite a reputation for heat (in food and weather), New Orleans enjoys an incredible mild climate, perfect for business success.

Spring is a delightful season with its warm days and cool evenings. Not surprisingly, many of New Orleans’ acclaimed cultural events and festivals occur during this time of year.

Summer months in New Orleans are marked by temperatures averaging in the 90s with a typical summer evening rainfall acting as the respite from the heat.

The fall season is distinctly drier and cooler – ideal for outdoor activities, festivals and the beginning of football season.

Winters in New Orleans are cool, but mild with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing.

Living in New Orleans Neighborhoods

Diverse neighborhoods offer a place for everyone and every business.

New Orleans is a city of eclectic neighborhoods with distinct histories, architectural styles and cultural flair. Explore the complete listing of New Orleans neighborhoods and their demographic profiles.

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