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  • Provides a 25% cash rebate on qualified payroll for in-state employees and 18% for qualified production expenditures
  • No caps, no minimum requirement, no sunset
  • Tax credit can be applied to state income tax liability. The state refunds any overages OR applicants can opt for 85% of the value earned as a rebate any time during the year




  • The program provides up to a 6% cash rebate of annual gross payroll for new direct jobs for up to 10 years
  • Provides a state sales/use tax rebate on capital expenditures or a 1.5% project facility expense rebate on the total capital investment, excluding tax exempted items




  • Provides up to a 30% tax credit on qualified research expenditures incurred in Louisiana — with no cap and no minimum requirement




  • Provides a 25% tax credit on investments, by accredited investors, in businesses certified by Louisiana Economic Development as Louisiana Entrepreneurial Businesses (LEB)
  • $3.6 million annual program cap
  • Stakeholders can invest $720,000 per business per year and $1.44 million per business over the life of the program



Louisiana’s premier biotech incubator, provides access to customized commercialization services, premier facilities, and a comprehensive support network.


State supported education and research in the diagnosis, detection, and treatment of cancer.

UNO Research & Technology Park

hrough public and private partnerships, the University of New Orleans Research & Technology Foundation links the private sector to academia and various partners in the public sector. Tenants have opportunities to engage in joint proposals, to collaborate on research projects with university researchers, and to supplement their workforce through internships for undergraduate and graduate students.


The New Orleans BioDistrict is a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana with a mission that includes facilitating and promoting commercialization opportunities from research developed within the District, and with the power to incur debt. New Orleans boasts 25 Qualified Opportunity Zones; the BioDistrict spans across 5 of them.


  • Two $1 billion+state-of-the-art hospitals: University Medical Center and Veterans Affairs Hospital
  • Two medical schools: LSU Health Sciences Center and Tulane University
  • College of Pharmacy at Xavier University
  • New Orleans Bio Innovation Center
  • Louisiana Cancer Research Center
  • UMCBurnCenter
  • OchsnerHealthSystem
  • LCM CHealth System
  • HCA/Tulane Health System

Prime CBD Real Estate

$18-25 / sq.ft.

1 of 3 Rising Tech Hubs to Watch

Ozy 2018

Access to Talent

from 10 Colleges and Universities within the City Limits


New Orleans’ brand-new $1 billion terminal features 35 gates and 16 operators, presenting an excellent launch pad for business travel.


A modern multimodal gateway for global commerce, offering integrated river, rail, and road solutions.
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America is home to thousands of cities, towns and municipalities. Yet, only 15 are home to two medical schools. Even fewer offer a top-rated pharmacy school, dental school, six accredited nursing schools, and two veterinary schools.


A Quest for Innovative Solutions for the Most Pressing Challenges in Healthcare

The list for New Orleans

Medical Schools: Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine (a third is in our neighboring Jefferson Parish)

Pharmacy School: Xavier University

Dental School: Louisiana State University

Veterinary schools: Tulane University and Delgado Community College

And did we mention a 1,500-acre BioDistrict in the heart of downtown, created with more than $2.5 billion in investment? It is designed to develop a biosciences industry that fosters world-class research and development; local, regional, and global healthcare delivery.

In short, thanks to bio-innovation investments, a unique community of top-rated universities, and medical curriculums, not many U.S. municipalities can boast a dynamic Bio environment like New Orleans.


New Orleans Bio: Top Talent. Breakthrough Innovation. Elite Facilities. Aggressive Incentives


New Orleans Rankings


Tulane Medical Center

World’s Best Hospitals 2019” - Newsweek, 2019


City of New Orleans, 2016

Lowest Cost of Doing Business

1 of 15

two medical schools

1 of only 15 U.S. cities with two medical schools

Key Facts About This Industry Cluster


New Orleans is #1 for biggest job growth in the healthcare industry from 2007-2017



Health Services is the third largest employer in the city and provides a spectrum of jobs with attractive career opportunities.



The average annual wage locally is approximately $89,700 for this cluster.



While many research and medical positions require advanced education and training, ancillary positions – for example, in facilities such as hospitals – need only high school diplomas or the equivalent.


New Orleans Business Alliance

Health Innovators Challenge

New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge 2019-2020

A Quest for Innovative Solutions for the Most Pressing Challenges in Healthcare

The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge creates strategic partnerships between top emerging companies and our New Orleans health system leaders based on articulated Challenge Statement topics. We are looking for innovators in the digital health start-up scene around the globe to bring their solutions to New Orleans.

The Health Innovators Challenge is put on by the New Orleans Business Alliance, an accredited economic development organization, and its partners. Click here to learn more about the New Orleans Business Alliance, and check out our NOLA Bio page to see why New Orleans is the best place to grow your company.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge will be postponed until a later date. Please stay tuned for further updates from the New Orleans Business Alliance and our partners. 


New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge 2019-2020 Winners


Transition of Care

Prepared Health

Healthcare Consumer Engagement Challenge

Predict Health

I Deserve IT!

EDP Biotech/Coloplex

Diabetes Management Challenge

Pack Health


Ready to bring your solution to the New Orleans market? Click below to learn about our Challenge Statements and apply to as many as you like!


Interested in investing in the New Orleans Business Alliance or a talented entrepreneur? Our investors are essential to the growth of the local economy and play a huge role as leaders in building and changing our local biotech ecosystem!


Connect and engage with innovators, entrepreneurs, community leaders and more by attending our kick-off event in November and live pitch event in March!

Social Isolation Intervention Challenge

Our challenge is to develop a targeted intervention effectively addressing social isolation in the aging adult population that is scalable and affordable. The intervention focuses on loneliness in this group and, if effective, would be expected to improve health care utilization and outcomes.

Challenge Finalists:

  • Mon-Ami
  • Help-Full
  • Happy


Past Winners

MedAux was selected as the winner of the Social Determinants Data Challenge presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and Ochsner Health System. MedAux is an EMR compatible solution that interacts with users through text messages, gathers and analyzes data, maps the data to the EMR, and sends alerts to the service providers.

The winner of Tulane Health System’s Affordable Choices Challenge, Symptify is a virtual doctor that helps users figure out causes for their symptoms, what to do about them and where to go for help. The platform combines a symptom evaluator with geolocation services, an appointment scheduler and check in application. All of these functions work together to take a user from having a symptom, to figuring out what could be wrong, to making an appointment with a doctor.

CoHealth, the winner of the Real Time Results Challenge presented by Lafayette General Health, allows healthcare consumers to access the resources they need to manage care and gives community organizations a platform to make these resources available - all in one place. CoHealth's platform is a single point of access for the entire healthcare experience. The platform is currently distributed in over 30 provider networks across North America and has helped tens of thousands of healthcare consumers manage and coordinate care.

Roundtrip is improving access to care by making it easier and more affordable for hospital staff to order rides for patients. The company was selected as the winner for the Access to Care Challenge presented by the New Orleans Health Department in partnership with University Medical Center. Roundtrip reduces transportation costs for health facilities by ~40% and lead the healthcare transportation industry in reducing patient no-show rates to under 4%.


Alertgy got started with the New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge and has continued to grow from there; winning this competition was critical to our success and momentum. The Challenge not only connected us with some of the biggest players in healthcare, but also introduced us to business development opportunities and resources that we hadn’t even considered in the past. The team has continued to support Alertgy over the years and remains an invaluable connection for us – we’d strongly encourage relevant companies to apply to these opportunities!

- Marc Rippen, CEO of Alertgy:

The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge is an exciting event that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their meaningful solutions to big problems the world faces today related to health. The event is jam-packed with activities that benefit you and your startup. Clearly, being part of this community can improve your chances of success.

 - Elnaz Sarabchian, CEO of MedAux

The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge is an exciting event that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their meaningful solutions to big problems the world faces today related to health. The event is jam-packed with activities that benefit you and your startup. Clearly, being part of this community can improve your chances of success.

 - Elnaz Sarabchian, CEO of MedAux:


Why Partner with New Orleans Health Innovators? Three Ways to Get Involved.

Partner with the New Orleans Business Alliance to create your own Challenge Statement.

The New Orleans Business Alliance partners with Ochsner Health System, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, New Orleans Health Department, LCMC Health, Lafayette General Foundation, [pending CID + partner], and Tulane Health System/HCA MidAmerica Division to create Challenge Statements and put on the New Orleans Health Innovators competition. If your company or healthcare system has a problem that can be solved through technology, get in touch about partnering with us to create your own unique Challenge Statement.

Invest in companies with effective solutions tackling local healthcare needs.

In order for new ideas in healthcare to succeed, we need the support of the business community. Investors enable digital health entrepreneurs to scale their companies. The Business Alliance works to help the bio business community make meaningful connections. If you are interested in investing in a biotech startup, we can be the conduit.

Invest in the New Orleans Business Alliance.

Our organization focuses on improving the New Orleans economy. With financial support from the business community, New Orleans Business Alliance can expand the city’s business base, increase the City’s general fund by driving sales tax revenues, and help create generational wealth through quality employment for its citizens. With your financial support, we can achieve our mission of a growing, thriving New Orleans. Learn more about how you can support the New Orleans Business Alliance and the New Orleans economy here.

Reach us at or send a message to our Vice President of Investor Relations.

Stephanie Bell
Vice President, Investor Relations

The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge is a great opportunity for healthcare start-ups to get an introduction to major health system leaders like Blue Cross and Ochsner. [The New Orleans Business Alliance is] on the front lines of improving outcomes in Louisiana communities.

- Elnaz Sarabchian, MedAux founder and CEO



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