Bio & Health Services Innovation

America is home to thousands of cities, towns and municipalities. Yet, only 15 are home to two medical schools. Even fewer offer a top-rated pharmacy school, dental school, six accredited nursing schools, and two veterinary schools.

The list for New Orleans

Medical Schools: Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine (a third is in our neighboring Jefferson Parish)

Pharmacy School: Xavier University

Dental School: Louisiana State University

Veterinary schools: Tulane University and Delgado Community College

And did we mention a 1,500-acre BioDistrict in the heart of downtown, created with more than $2.5 billion in investment? It is designed to develop a biosciences industry that fosters world-class research and development; local, regional, and global healthcare delivery.

In short, thanks to bio-innovation investments, a unique community of top-rated universities, and medical curriculums, not many U.S. municipalities can boast a dynamic Bio environment like New Orleans.


New Orleans Bio: Top Talent. Breakthrough Innovation. Elite Facilities. Aggressive Incentives


New Orleans Rankings


Tulane Medical Center

World’s Best Hospitals 2019” - Newsweek, 2019


City of New Orleans, 2016

Lowest Cost of Doing Business

1 of 15

two medical schools

1 of only 15 U.S. cities with two medical schools

Key Facts About This Industry Cluster


New Orleans is #1 for biggest job growth in the healthcare industry from 2007-2017



Health Services is the third largest employer in the city and provides a spectrum of jobs with attractive career opportunities.



The average annual wage locally is approximately $89,700 for this cluster.



While many research and medical positions require advanced education and training, ancillary positions – for example, in facilities such as hospitals – need only high school diplomas or the equivalent.


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