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Tax Advantages & Incentives

The State of Louisiana offers some of the most aggressive business attraction, retention and expansion incentives in the nation.

Headlining the array of incentives are the Digital Media and Software Incentive


ten-year tax credit
on software development labor expenditures


tax credit
on production expenditures, with no caps, no minimums and no sunset
New Orleans

The City of New Orleans, along with the Industrial Development Board, also may provide incentives for specific projects. The City is empowered to offer Restoration Tax Abatements or other discretionary incentives for qualifying projects, and the Industrial Development Board may offer a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT).

The New Orleans Business Alliance provides third-party financial analysis for projects seeking public support and can assist developers seeking appropriate local and state-level incentive programs.

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Louisiana offers low taxes and a competitive business climate. According to an analysis by the Tax Foundation and KPMG, Louisiana ranks as having the lowest tax burden for new capital-intensive and new labor-intensive manufacturing operations in the United States.


corporate income tax in the nation
City of New Orleans/ KPMG, 2016

#2 Lowest

cost of Doing Busines
City of New Orleans/ Business Facilities, 2016

#9 Lowest

Startup Costs

Locating in Louisiana offers cost-cutting opportunities with our low utility rates. From 2011-2013, Louisiana electricity rates were approximately 19 percent below the national average. Industrial gas during the same period were also below the national average, at approximately 18 percent, and the lowest in the southern United States.


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