Bio & Health Services Innovation in New Orleans

  The BioInnovation and Health Services cluster combines two separate industries due to their often similar and complementary resource and talent needs, including medical/life sciences training, bench-side research, facilities and equipment use and commercialization opportunities. To enhance the economic impact these industry niches offer, NOLABA looks for economic development opportunities across the city of New Orleans (the entirety of Orleans Parish). Health Services in New Orleans includes a large presence of traditional health care delivery (hospitals, doctors’ offices, hospice, long-term care, ancillary services, etc.), clinical trials and research, wholesale medical device and equipment sales and supply. BioInnovation – which includes bench-side research and development for novel drugs and devices along with commercialization of scientific discovery – is a growing segment in New Orleans, still relatively small, but poised to have its potential realized. NOLABA fully recognizes the competitive environment that exists across the country to recruit bioscience entities; for at least two decades states, regions and cities have aggressively pursued them. But according to research conducted since 2006, New Orleans offers an ideal environment for clinical and commercial activity in chronic disease management, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative and rehabilitative services, orthopedics and precision medicine. The Bio cluster encompasses multiple sectors and opportunities:

  • BioInnovation
  • Health Services Innovation
  • Digital Health
  • Healthcare Delivery Management


Key facts about this industry cluster:

  • New Orleans is #1 for biggest job growth in healthcare industry from 2007-2017
  • Health Services is the third largest employer in the city and provides a spectrum of jobs with attractive career opportunities.
  • The average annual wage locally is approximately $89,700 for this cluster.
  • While many research and medical positions require advanced education and training, ancillary positions – for example, in facilities such as hospitals – need only high school diplomas or the equivalent.

BioDistrict New Orleans

BioDistrict New Orleans is a state-enabled economic development or geopolitical district charged with growing both the programmatic and physical components of a 1,500-acre area spanning downtown and into Mid-City. The BioDistrict was created to develop a biosciences industry that will foster world-class research and development; local, regional, and global healthcare delivery; and stable, well-paid jobs for professionals, managers and workers with a wide range of skills. Under a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) between NOLABA and the BioDistrict Board of Commissioners NOLABA provides daily administrative tasks in direct support of the BioDistrict.


For further information, please contact NOLABA.


New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge Business Alliance Startup Biotech

The New Orleans Health Innovators Challenge, in partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and Ochsner Health System, is a groundbreaking matchmaking initiative to connect our leading local healthcare stakeholders with the best high-growth startups. Entrepreneurs are invited to tackle today’s leading healthcare challenges of diabetes care, hospital navigation and data interoperability with progressive technical solutions.

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BioDistrict New Orleans Map
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 BioInnovation & Health Services Overview

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