New Orleans, Louisiana is traditionally known for its energy assets, particularly those in oil and gas fields. But did you know that in the heart of oil country there is a Solar America City? Yes, New Orleans is a solar city.

Like other parts of the New Orleans culture, we are wonderfully multifaceted. Bottom line: we are proud that companies in every field from oil, gas, solar, wind and battery power call us home.

New Orleans Rankings


capital investment and job creation

#1 Significant capital investment and job creation per capita / Louisiana, of Southern states / Southern Business & Development, 2017




lowest cost of doing business

# 2 Lowest Cost of Doing Business / City of New Orleans / Business Facilities, 2016




lower energy cost

Low Energy Costs, Louisiana’s industrial energy costs are 22% lower than the national average for electricity and 10% lower than the national average for natural gas costs/ Louisiana Economic Development, 2017



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