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Messer: Gleaux’s New Orleans Expansion Shows Growing Bio Community

gleauxNew Orleans is now the marketing and public relations hub for Gleaux. New Orleans Business Alliance CEO Quentin Messer, Jr., says the company’s expansion to New Orleans speaks volumes for the city’s bioinnovation sector. 

Gleaux Expands Marketing, Public Relations Operations To New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – Gleaux, formerly known as BioGlow Tech, announced the expansion of their operations personnel to the New Orleans region. The New Orleans staff will support the company’s main operations in St. Louis through marketing and public relations activities. In addition to operations personnel in New Orleans, Gleaux also has an auxiliary office in Las Vegas.

         In 2010 Gleaux successfully developed the world’s first autoluminescent (light-producing) plants. Based on the work of molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Kirchevsky, the plants are created by introducing the light-emitting pathway from marine bacteria into the plant’s chloroplast genome. The plants are unique in that no chemicals or UV lights are needed to create light emission.

         “It has been exciting to work with Gleaux, with products highly sought-after by startup founders and teams, as they bring operations to the fastest-growing technology market in the country,” said Michael Hecht, GNO Inc. President and CEO. “The Greater New Orleans region has a long and storied history of inspiring and nurturing innovation, a tradition being continued by this team. We look forward to watching Gleaux’s success grow from here.”

         Focused on increasing the light output strength of the plants, Gleaux’s vision is to develop novel ornamental plant varieties and green alternatives to electricity-consuming light sources.

         The company recently launched its second-generation plant, Celestine, which is an ornamental tobacco plant. Under the proper conditions, the plant has a life cycle of up to three months. The second-generation Celestine plant currently sells at $59.99 and can be purchased online at http://gleaux.us/.

         “Our product creates an entirely new market, so it seems like a perfect fit for a city like New Orleans, which has a culture that doesn’t exist anywhere else,” said Mathilde Semmes of Gleaux. “We are excited about making this a home base because of the recent surge in economic activity here and the added advantage of gaining access to potential research partners such as the New Orleans BioInnovation Center and LSU AgCenter.”

         Although founded in St. Louis, Gleaux’s namesake is rooted in French-Creole heritage. Like New Orleans, Gleaux and their products are emblematic of the city’s success, excitement and rebirth post-Katrina. Gleaux’s operations in New Orleans is comprised of two natives of the city and brings the company into a growing, vibrant biosciences and technology scene.

         “Gleaux’s arrival is another proof-point that New Orleans is an increasingly desirable place for growing life science and bio companies,” said New Orleans Business Alliance President and CEO Quentin L. Messer, Jr. “New Orleans’ enhanced attractiveness is a reflection of the City of New Orleans’ emphasis on job creation and the unprecedented level of collaboration among the state and region’s economic development organizations. This announcement is only the beginning of the community’s embrace of Gleaux and its employees. We are excited about Gleaux’s growth prospects here.”

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