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Propeller, Thrive New Orleans Announce Pitch Competition Grand Prize Winner

NEW ORLEANS – Propeller and Thrive New Orleans announced that this year’s $10,000 Grand Prize and Audience Favorite Award will be awarded to Fabian Harper from Flourish Horticulture and an Audience Favorite prize will be awarded to Preston Robinson from Garden Picasso. On June 1, five local entrepreneurs pitched their solutions to improve our region’s water economy at the 11th annual The Water Challenge.

The five finalists put forth water solutions ranging from green infrastructure, stormwater retention, sustainable housing and construction, to flood prevention. The June 1st event sponsored by JPMorgan Chase AdvancingCities, New Orleans Business Alliance, Entergy, and City of New Orleans featured a judges’ panel of industry leaders and experts, growth stage venture panel, a virtual address from Mitch Landrieu, 61st Mayor of New Orleans, and a total of $17,500 awarded to all finalists. 

“We need to cultivate and empower the unseen Black and Brown Indigenous people who are truly invested and committed to the future of New Orleans and its disproportionately affected communities. We have a solid foundation of local commitment that needs to be built up through education, funding, and resources. This is the philosophy behind the mutual efforts of Thrive New Orleans and Propeller,” expresses Bernadette Carriere of Thrive New Orleans. 

“We are so proud of Fabian Harper, Preston Robinson, and all of our finalists who bring their ingenuity and dedication to strengthen the sustainability of our community’s future. The challenges we face as a community can only be solved collectively, and we thank all of our partners – Thrive New Orleans, Greater New Orleans Foundation, JP Morgan Chase Advancing Cities, New Orleans Business Alliance, the City of New Orleans, and Entergy for your support,” echoes Andrea Chen, CEO of Propeller.

The Water Challenge 2022 Winners: 

Flourish Horticulture (Fabian Harper)

$10,000 Grand Prize Winner, $1,250 Audience Favorite Award 

Garden Picasso (Preston Robinson)

$1,250 Audience Favorite Award 

Source: https://www.bizneworleans.com/propeller-thrive-new-orleans-announce-pitch-competition-grand-prize-winner/


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