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504ward Update: Dine-Around A Hit, NOLA BOUND Webinar Nov. 15

504ward dine-around504ward is a a robust talent retention initiative housed at NOLABA and focused on both new and native New Orleanians. For the past nine years, the Dine-Around has served as a signature event, and in 2017 it increased in both attendance and enthusiasm. 

On October 19, 450 young professionals gathered across the city for a night of dinner, conversations and new connections at the homes of 40 of New Orleans’ most prominent business and civic leaders. In an intimate setting, these diverse young professionals got to network with established leaders in the community and build peer-to-peer and cross-generational relationships, which help the next generation of leaders stay involved, connected, and in the region. Attendance increased by 11% this year, and 70% of people gave the night 5 stars (up from 63% in 2016).

“The relationships built during the Dine-Around benefit not only the young professionals, but also benefit the hosts who get access to a new network of exciting young talent,” said 504ward Executive Director Mary Matthews. “New Orleans’ long-term success is dependent on a strong pipeline of talented young professional workers and civic leaders — the Dine-Around is just one of many programs through which 504ward seeks to connect rising leaders with opportunities to make an impact across the region.”

Here’s a sample of testimonials from Dine-Around participants.

504ward dine-aroundWhat young professionals said:

– “We had great conversations with our gracious, hilarious, and intelligent hosts. I also got to meet a bunch of young professionals that I already consider new friends. I’m not sure what could have been better. Genuinely. I will be signing up for the Dine-Around every year now.”

– “The Dine-Around gave me a true sense of New Orleans culture — our hosts were a really genuine family and you don’t see influential leaders welcoming strangers in their home like that around the country. This definitely was one of the best experiences I have ever been a part of.”

– “Our hosts were fantastic and showed a real interest in keeping young people in the city.  They were very generous and offered their support in the future.”

– “We had a great conversation about the future of our city and wonderful ideas regarding water mitigation and adaptation for New Orleans.”

504ward dine-aroundWhat hosts said:

– “We have never failed to be impressed and inspired by the young people we meet that are committed to NOLA.  I wish more people I know would have the opportunity to meet our future leaders.”

– “It is always interesting to see the interaction of the 504wards meeting their fellow dinner guests.  Our group was from all over the city –  Gentilly, Bywater, Mid City, Lower Garden District, Old Metairie, Broad Street area-  I loved the broad representation.  Hopefully, they will continue to stay in touch with each other and we always encourage them to contact us if they have any questions.”

– “Connecting with young bright minds that care about the future of our city was amazing!”

-“As always, we love doing this!  It’s one of the best events we have ever hosted.”

504ward nola boundNOLA BOUND – Your Ticket Home Webinar Set for Nov. 15

If you (or someone you know) used to live in New Orleans, went to school here, or even just took a vacation here, then join us for a free interactive webinar to learn resources and tips on networking, connecting and finding the right job for you to come back to New Orleans. Locals interested in navigating New Orleans’ job landscape are welcome to join as well.

Hosted by 504ward, NOLABA and GNO, Inc., we’ll touch on everything from the city’s legacy and emerging industries to leveraging the region’s universities to finding jobs that don’t get posted, and of course questions about quality of life assets.

WorkNola.com and Destination GNO are great websites to find job listings and New Orleans neighborhood information, and the webinar will guide you through all the features of those unique-to-New Orleans resources. Click here to sign up, and join us Nov. 15 from noon-1 p.m. Central time.

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