Top Reads from NOLABA’s City Competitiveness Expert, Katy Dupre

top reads katy dupreKaty Dupre is NOLABA’s manager of economic competitiveness. She is responsible for tracking, analyzing and identifying best practices and policy implications related to the city’s economic competitiveness and is committed to ensuring New Orleans adopts data-driven solutions that encourage innovation and forward thinking.

Each month we’ll highlight the top things she’s reading to keep you informed on industry trends: 

Economic Development has evolved. Today, it requires a more meaningful array of measurements to document performance and true impact (International City/County Management Association, State-of-the-Art Measures in Economic Development).

“Reducing barriers to economic opportunity in U.S. metro areas can enhance economic growth” (Brookings Institute, Opportunity for growth: How reducing barriers to economic inclusion can benefit workers, firms, and local economies).

What do cities really need to attract entrepreneurs? One word – Talent. The test remains whether or not cities can employ from within their existing talent pools (City Lab: What Cities Really Need to Attract Entrepreneurs, According to Entrepreneurs).


In 2016, New Orleans-Metairie ranked as the 8th largest exporter in the U.S.  Learn more about our area’s trade and transportation activity here.

New Orleans is a top 2o city for “Innovation that Matters” report, jumping 6 spots from 25th in 2016, to 19th in 2017.  Read more here.

New Orleans-Metairie area was the #1 metro area for growth in hospital jobs between July 2007 and July 2017, at 78% growth.  Read more here.

New Orleans is No. 8 for cities with happiest employees.  Read more about why we’re so happy.


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