Small Business Spotlight: Omega Concierge provides services to Healthcare and Business Community

Since 2009, Omega Concierge has provided concierge and patient care services to hospitals and businesses throughout Southeast Louisiana. For hospital clients, they provide non-medical care services that allow the nursing team to focus on medical care while giving the patient a positive hospital experience. They also...

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Small Business Spotlight: Located in Central City, trepwise Grows by Helping Others Grow

NOLABA connects New Orleanians with the support and resources they need to achieve economic prosperity. This includes providing information for small businesses like local resource providers and certification opportunities.

In our newest Small Business Spotlight, NOLABA interviewed trepwise CEO Kevin Wilkins to talk about how trepwise assists new & existing organizations with operations, financials, partnerships/organizational structure, strategic planning, scaling/growth, branding, and more. trepwise's clients are a mix of organizations from virtually every industry, including: education, financial services, food & hospitality, technology, the arts, faith-based institutions, nonprofits and many more.   

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