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New Orleans Business Alliance Awarded 2023 Delta Workforce Grant for Green Infrastructure Workforce Development

June 19, 2023

Media Contact:
Valerie Huntley

Malana Joseph Mitchell

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) has awarded the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA) a two-year $450,000 grant under its Delta Workforce Grant Program to support the organization’s green infrastructure workforce training collaborative started under JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s AdvancingCities Challenge.

“NOLABA and the DRA both recognize the significant future impact of the green infrastructure industry in New Orleans,” said Louis David, Interim President & CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance. “This grant will allow us to expand the work we’ve already started and increase green infrastructure job opportunities for our city’s residents and small businesses.”

NOLABA will use the Delta Workforce Grant Program (DWP) to convene a network of training providers and employers in the green infrastructure industry to expand opportunities for entry-level positions, support skill-building and identify high-growth career pathways. Through collaboration between educators, practitioners, and employers, NOLABA aims to build visibility and clarity around the relevant skills needed for roles in the green infrastructure industry while training an equitable workforce.

“The City of New Orleans recognizes the importance of a wide range of agencies linking arms to create transformational change for our people, especially our workforce and small business community,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “This innovative collaboration will provide even stronger pipelines to meaningful, well-paying, in-demand employment opportunities within the blue-green infrastructure sector that our residents not only deserve but also desire. We truly value this partnership with the Delta Regional Authority and NOLABA and remain steadfast in working with all partners to further diversify our economy and increase our competitiveness in the global marketplace.”

DWP supports workforce training and education programs that create a more vibrant economic future for the Mississippi River Delta and Alabama Black Belt regions. Through AdvancingCities New Orleans, NOLABA has collaborated with agencies and community stakeholders to develop and oversee programs and strategies that invest in the city’s green infrastructure industry. Recently, NOLABA announced the AdvancingCities Greenhouse Program, which provides industry training and job placement assistance to unemployed and underemployed individuals.

“The Delta Workforce Grant Program makes targeted investments in initiatives and programs that support workforce employment and training needs in DRA’s region and helps create pathways to high-quality careers that allow residents to thrive and remain in their communities,” said Dr. Corey Wiggins, Federal Co-Chairman, DRA. “As a result of our investment in the New Orleans Business Alliance’s collaborative, more than 450 individuals are projected to receive industry-driven skills training for high-demand jobs within clean infrastructure, helping to strengthen New Orleans’ workforce ecosystem and environmental sustainability.”

This Delta Workforce Grant is the DRA’s first grant opportunity awarded to NOLABA in the organization’s history. The DRA joins other federal government initiatives, including the Economic Development Authority, in supporting NOLABA’s work to increase economic opportunity. For more information about the New Orleans Business Alliance, please visit nolaba.org.


About New Orleans Business Alliance
One of fewer than 80 Accredited Economic Development Organizations worldwide, the New Orleans Business Alliance is the official public-private partnership created to increase economic gains for the city of New Orleans. Through a direct partnership with the City of New Orleans and strong connectivity with the business community, the New Orleans Business Alliance works to ensure the economic security of all New Orleanians by diversifying the local economy, developing local talent, and expanding entrepreneurial opportunity. Through an inclusive economic development strategy, we will create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. Learn more at www.nolaba.org.

About the Delta Regional Authority
The DRA was established in 2000 as a formal framework for joint federal-state collaboration to promote and encourage the economic development of the lower Mississippi River and Alabama Black Belt regions. To fulfill this purpose, DRA invests in projects supporting transportation infrastructure, basic public infrastructure, workforce training, and business development. DRA’s region encompasses 252 counties and parishes in parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.


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