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NOLA BOUND – Find the Right Job in New Orleans

nola boundDo you want to move back to New Orleans, but just can’t find the right job? NOLABA has the solution for you.

We partnered to host a free webinar for young professionals searching for opportunities to come home and be part of building something bigger than themselves. NOLABA, 504ward and GNO, Inc. presented “NOLA BOUND” an hour-long webinar to educate and empower you with free resources for having a challenging career in New Orleans, living the rich culture and leaving a legacy. As we celebrate the city’s tricentennial in 2018, you can write the success stories that will define our next 300 years.

Click here to download a recording or PDF of the webinar. Here’s a peek at what we covered:

Where are the jobs now?

New Orleans is a city where jobs in both legacy industries and emerging industries are available. Bioinnovation and health sciences is an industry where job growth continues to increase. A recent study from the U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that Greater New Orleans is #1 in hospital employee growth throughout the past decade.  In July 2007, 14,400 people worked in hospitals in the metro area, compared to 25,700 in July 2017 – an increase of 78%. According to the website STAT, “Hospitals across the country have fueled job creation and helped slash unemployment rates significantly in the past decade,” and research by GNO, Inc. has determined that healthcare will be the top sector for job growth in the New Orleans region through 2026, with 19% projected growth.

The Top 10 Regions for Healthcare Growth (2007-2017)

  1. New Orleans (78 percent)
  2. Boise, Idaho (72 percent)
  3. Austin, Texas (51 percent)
  4. Columbus, Ohio (51 percent)
  5. Bakersfield, Calif. (49 percent)
  6. Grand Rapids, Mich. (47 percent)
  7. Las Vegas (44 percent)
  8. Sarasota, Fla.; North Port, Fla.; Bradenton, Fla. (42 percent)
  9. San Jose, Calif. (37 percent)
  10. Denver (37 percent)

In addition to healthcare care, jobs, we’ll give you a greater glimpse into State of the Sector reports on education, water management, energy and advanced manufacturing.

Can I make my own job in New Orleans?

Yes. The entrepreneurship scene is booming with resource providers to make your company a success here and there are numerous small business resources that aid our small business owners in growing and expanding their ventures.

Check out a few stats on entrepreneurship in New Orleans:

  • New Orleans leads the U.S. by 53% in number of startups-per-capita [GNO Community Data Center]
  • New Orleans was ranked the 6th Best City for Young Entrepreneurs [Under30CEO.com]
  • Louisiana was rated the #2 State in the USA to Start a Company [Tax Foundation + KPMG]
  • Louisiana is #4 in the U.S. for Growth in Woman-owned Firms [American Express]

Finding the right job is the #1 priority, but quality of life is a big deal too

So what’s new in NOLA , and how are we doing things differently? We’ll discuss how New Orleans is making incredible strides in its public education system through education innovation, though we have progress to make. A renewed commitment to New Orleans neighborhoods has resulted in greater green space, bike-friendly programs and community pride. The New Orleans Recreation Department Commission received national accreditation for the first time this year. As a region, Greater New Orleans has something to offer everyone, no matter your style. To learn more and discover your perfect neighborhood, DestinationGNO.com is your personal guide to Greater New Orleans.

We hope you’ll join us Nov. 15 for a great in-depth discussion and Q&A about moving back to New Orleans with not just any job, but the right job for you. Want to see who’s hiring now? Visit WorkNOLA.com, Greater New Orleans’ most widely-used job board that’s free to employers and applicants.

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